Professional Oral Hygiene

Professional Oral Hygiene

Professional oral cavity hygiene involves a thorough removal of dental deposits (dental tartar, calculus, plaque), followed by the treatment of teeth and gums with preventive medications. We perform hygienic cleaning of teeth for both adults and children. We take into account specific features of teeth and their sensitivity.

We carry out the procedure with the help of the innovative device “Cavitron”, which thoroughly removes dental deposits without the patient’s discomfort and pain. We polish the teeth with calcium carbonate powder. If it is necessary, then we apply a gel to reduce sensitivity. Next, we use a paste that strengthens dental enamel and prevents caries.

When using “Cavitron”, a direct contact of the instrument with the tooth enamel is significantly reduced. It helps avoid microscopic enamel damages in comparison with the use of classical ultrasonic devices.

If you use professional dental hygiene on a regular basis, daily care of your oral cavity gets easier!

The number of treatments and the price depends on the individual features of a patient and the state of teeth.

Professional oral hygiene provides our patients with healthy-looking teeth, fresh breath and proper functioning of the whole body.