Implant Dentistry

The implantation procedure is the inserting of an artificial implant into the patient’s bone tissue. This allows later on to carry out dental prosthetics of almost any complexity. The indications for this procedure are the following: the absence of your own tooth or when the restoration of your own tooth does not make any sense.

Professionals of our clinic provide qualified surgical service of any complexity. We use proven techniques, equipment and materials from leading companies in the world.

Dental implantation should be predictable. We use computer modeling of a future operation and 3D implant positioning technique using an individual template. The choice of implant depends on the clinical picture. We work with all types of implants and carry out the implantation of different types. The price of the implant and the method of treatment depend only on the individual features of a patient.

If it is necessary, our dentists perform augmentation of the bone tissue using the best bone substitutes.

It is the priority for us to perform a high-quality work to return you a functional and attractive smile!