If you don’t visit a dentist regularly, it can result in complications of caries (pulpitis, periodontitis). When such pathology occurs, it is important to treat root canals. Every person has a tooth root structure that has its own features.

The main goal of the root canal treatment is to eliminate the inflammatory process. Besides the mechanical treatment of root canals, we conduct medical irrigation (treatment) with antiseptic medications. Only complete sanification of the entire root canal system will ensure the success of treatment.

We use Japanese endomotors with applicators of the latest generation to locate a tooth root apex. This technology is safe for a patient and ensures the effectiveness of following treatment.

We use biocompatible materials to fill the canal that provide durable sealing. If it is necessary, we perform all stages of treatment using an analgesic medication.

We do everything possible to carry out an effective root canal treatment and preserve own teeth of our patients!