Dental X-ray Examination

As a dentist can see only 50% of a tooth, so this diagnostic method can be very effective.

A dentist prescribes an X-ray examination in order to receive a detailed information about any present inflammatory processes, the peculiarities of jaws and an entire facial skull formation, as well as the various deformations in the researched area. X-ray radiography in dentistry is used for the diagnosis of periodontal diseases (a complex of tissues that surrounds a tooth).

An orthopantomogram (a panoramic X-ray picture of the jaw) helps find out the cause of the pain, the direction of the teeth growth, hidden cavities and much more.

We also use the most modern and effective method of diagnostics, that is computer 3D tomography. With the help of a Japanese certified three-dimensional 3D computer tomograph from the MORITA Company, we run into a new level, expanding our diagnostic capabilities. The device provides high accuracy and meets all radiation safety requirements. Our equipment allows us to carry out diagnostics even for children down to the age of 7 to diagnose and prevent all dental pathologies.

An X-ray examination in our clinic guarantees a quality diagnostic result with minimal impact on your body!