Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

The interaction with a doctor should begin at the stage of the preparation for pregnancy to ensure the correct formation of a child’s teeth. Parents should take a child for the first visit to the dentist at an early age for a simple examination. It should be painless and build confidence in the doctor. Our experts always find a common language with young patients in the form of a game.

Why is it necessary to treat primary (baby) teeth?

Due to the structure of a baby tooth and the immune system, caries in the childhood develops much faster and thus, bite problems may arise in the future. Our professionals pay special attention to fissure sealant treatment (one of the methods of caries prevention). The sealant installation procedure is simple, painless and effective.

Children’s dentistry without pain is possible! Your child will not be afraid in a friendly working atmosphere and learn how to take care after teeth properly.

Health and good mood of your child is important for us!