About clinic

We are one of the first in the region that introduced the ergonomic concept of Dr. Beach “12-hour treatment”. She has been practicing it successfully in Japan since the 1950s. According to all the requirements of this concept, our equipment was also created in Japan and is one of the best dental units recognized in the world.

The concept of Dr. Beach allows working more precisely and safely, even in areas difficult to access. Proper finger placement, work field touch control and kinesthesia make it possible to perform clear and controlled actions.

The leading experts of our clinic constantly improve their skills, attend training sessions, and learn new techniques.

“12 hour treatment” was created for professionals who require the highest demands to the quality of their work. Dr. Beach concept provides improved treatment, additional comfort for a patient, a high-level safety and reduction of pain.

While everyone considers it impossible, our professionals are already practicing it!

Our distinguishing characteristics

We use the equipment of the largest Japanese manufacturer of medical and dental equipment J. Morita Corporation. When the developers were designing and producing the equipment, they managed to combine two key principles – comfort, convenience and safety for a patient, as well as ergonomic aspects for a doctor.

The concept of our work is in the very name of the dental unit – “EMCIA” and it displays:

E – easy (simplicity)

M – maintenance (service)

C – clean (cleanness)

I – infection control

A – amenity (convenience)

Having broken ten-year-old standards, engineers and designers improved the classical design of the dental unit. Tools are fixed in the back of the chair and now their appearance does not cause discomfort for children and adults. All parts of the dental unit and instruments that are in contact with a patient are easily removed and the assistant performs a complete cleaning and sanification.

Infection control is very important for a patient’s safety. Special air and water systems “Sterapore M” filter out all types of bacteria and infected microparticles at the entrance of the installation.

The convenience for a patient is provided by a highly comfortable chair with a wide back. It is designed according to the anatomy of a human body and is suitable for people of a completely different build. The horizontal position during the entire procedure reduces the load on the spine and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Stress and anxiety disappear thanks to the smooth and simple movements of a dentist.

The design of the Spaceline EMCIA unit provides a lot of free space in the working area and does not constrain the work of a doctor. Therefore, this fact eliminates any random mistakes during the work.

Patients shouldn’t worry about their health because we use only high-tech equipment of the company that meets all international standards of quality and safety.


Teeth tell the truth


What can the oral cavity tell us? What can she tell about us? What can we learn about ourselves and about our relationships with others and with the world? Why do we chew preferably on the right side or on the left side? How can this affect our health? Is it possible to “transform” the oral cavity? And what goals and consequences will this have for us as the individual and as a humanity in common?

The authors sometimes find quite surprising answers to these and many other questions. But is it really any wonder? After all, the oral cavity is the center where all “vital” functions of the maxillofacial region  are performed.